All vendors must be pre-approved and pre-paid for this event.
Please read entire page and answer questions on bottom of page.

Booths such as those selling organic and local goods and sponsors will be considered first.
We will only be accepting vendors of quality products.
We are a ZERO WASTE event.  We compost, re-use or recycle everything we possibly can.
All food booths will bring their own biodegradable and/or compostable utensils, plates, bowls and cups.
Vendors must not sell items that will contribute trash to our site. 
guns or ammo (including toy guns)
No "yardsale" or "swap meet" kind of booths
No plastic crap.

Cost of a booth is $200 for a 10x10 foot booth (includes 2 person entry) or $300 for 10x20 foot booth (3 person entry).
Food vendor cost is $500 plus 15% after your first $1000.  

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