Q. How much are tickets?   
A. Its depends on when you purchase them.   If you buy them pre-sale they are $50.  They will be $65 or more at the gate.
You will also be able to purchase single day tickets at the gate for $25.

Q. Where can i get tickets?
A.  coming soon to BrownPaperTickets.com 

Q. That seems cheap. Does that includes parking, camping, workshops, access to all 4 stages and everything? 
A. Yes!  Well, except parking.  There is a $5 per vehicle charge this year.  Your ticket includes being able to see any of the 40 plus live acts, 40 DJs, the amazing art and participate in the many workshops over the weekend.   

Q. What kind of music will be there?  
A. You can expect to hear Rock, Folk, Reggae, Soul, Kirtan, Dub, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Dubstep, Glitch, Trance, House and more.  We have 4 stage so there is constant music throughout the day. 

Q. How can i get booked to perform?  
A.  Our booking is done through our website.  Please see http://consciousculturefestival.com/booking

Q. Is the venue handicap accessible? 
A. Yes.  We have a handicap parking area near the main concert bowl.  The festival grounds is basically a big field and the ground is somewhat uneven but manageable for most.  

Q. How can i vend, volunteer, host a workshop, volunteer as a photographer, etc? 
A. See the contact tab on our website:  http://consciousculturefestival.com/contact

Q. Can we bring our dog?  
A. Because of problems at other events on this land we as that you do not bring your animals. 

Q. Is there drinking water onsite?  
A. Yes, you can get water from one of our potable water faucets.  

Q. Will my cell phone work there?
A. No, there is no cell service onsite. We do have 2 emergency phones, one at the gate and the other at the kitchen.   Please plan accordingly.

Q. Can we have fires at our camp?
A. Probably not. We will have a few designated fire pits onsite.   We may allow fires if its really cold, but only if you get a permit from us and have an above ground metal fire container(we have plenty to use, can come with permit.)

Q. Are there ATM machines onsite?
A. No.  Closest one is in Tonasket, about a 15 to 20 minute drive from the site.

Q. Is alcohol aloud?
A. We have a beer garden next to the main stage.  You can drink there and in your camp only.  Please do not walk around the campground with alcohol and do not bring it in the concert bowl, solar stage or dome areas.  

Q. Are there food vendors?
A.  Yes.  In the main concert bowl area. 

Q. Is it like Barter Faire?
A. Kind of.  Its on the Barter Faire grounds.  There are lots of really great people there.  At the CCF there is more of a focus on music, education, art and healing arts.  We have a limited number of booths that are in the main "concert bowl" and  a few near the dome area (see map).  All vendors must be pre-approved with quality products.

Q. Can we just camp where-ever like at Barter Faire?
A. Not exactly.  We use the north end of the main field for general camping.  So basically everything to the right when you drive onto the main flat.  The left or South side is where the concert bowl, vendors and workshops are.  The camping on this side is reserved for vendors, workshop crew and performers.  

Q. What kind of food and other vendors can I expect?
A.  We have a pretty good variety of food from all organic vegan food to BBQ,  Besides great food we have a wide variety of NW vendors including glass art, local baked goods, Tie Dyes, Kids Clothes and so much more.  All vendors are pre-approved with quality products.  No plastic junk, no 'yard sale' booths, no glowsticks.  

Q. Is there room to bring my RV or Camper?  Do i have to pay more to park it? 
A. Yes, there is plenty of room.  There is a $5 per vehicle parking charge no matter what size it is. 

Q. Is there RV hookups?  
A. No.  This is just an open field for camping.  We ask that you do not run your generators onsite.  

Q. Are there porta-potties and showers on site?
A. Of course we have port-potties.  We do not have showers.  

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